Association Challenge

The Association Challenge is a Teams Tournament created originally by then Ipswich bowler Errol Pieper who to this day remains in overall charge of the event.

It was held annually on the June Queens Birthday weekend however with the State government change of this holiday date it was resolved by the delegates in 2012 to ignore the new holiday date and to continue with the event on the usual second weekend in June.

Entry is by Invitation only and it is restricted to the following 10 Associations.

Brisbane Bundaberg Caboolture Gold Coast Hervey Bay
Ipswich Kingaroy Rockhampton Sunshine Coast Toowoomba

The Tournament revolves around a circuit of these 10 participating Associations and in 2013 it will be held on the Sunshine Coast. At the delegates meeting in 2012 it was unanimously agreed to continue to limit participation to 10 Associations.

Regional Teams competing may take a maximum squad of 7 male bowlers and 7 female bowlers accompanied by a coach and manager for each team, although in recent years some Associations have elected to submit 6 Team player members. Not all teams field non-playing coaches.

Team selection is the responsibility of the relevant Local Association who may add their own eligibility rules to the general eligibility rules governing the event. Associations are free to use either Roll-Off or Selection (or a combination of both) to assemble their teams.

Each hosting Association in turn appoints a Tournament Director (Sherrif) for the year, and an appointed committee (usually consisting of 3 persons) handles any disputes which may arise during play.

The event was created around a Medieval theme and has its appointed Knights, Ladies, Jesters and Lords. New appointments to the Medieval ranks are made at the annual dinner which takes place on the Sunday night.

The standard of bowling in this event is extremely high and competition for Team places is fierce as it attracts both State Team and National Team bowlers.

The event is also extremely important to the Queensland calendar as 5 person Team Tournaments are few and far between. Further information may be found on the Facebook Page for this event.