TBAQ has 4 Sub-Committees which report to the Vice President North or South. The Committees are responsible for the selection and processing of State Teams and any scheduled Zone Championships. Further information regarding Committees may be found in the By-Laws section of this website.

Queensland Adult Tournament Committee


The Queensland Adult Committee is solely responsible for the State Championship Process, the State Masters Process and the selection format and operation of the Rachuig, Seniors Restricted and Youth State Teams.

The 2022 Committee consists of the following people:

  • Chairperson – Gail Torrens
    Email: Mobile: 0407 534 569
  • State Team Coordinator – Gail Torrens
  • Nth Queensland Rep – Bob Doyle

North Queensland Junior Committee










The North Queensland Junior Committee for 2022 is made up with the following members:

North Queensland Adult Committee










The North Queensland Adult Committee for 2022 is made up with the following members:


The South Queensland Junior Committee for 2019 is made up with the following members:

  • Chairperson – Robert McDonald
  • Vice Chair – Jodi Bishop
  • Committee – Julie Campbell & Nicola Purser
  • Past President – Nathan Stein


Queensland Disabilities Committee


North Queensland Intercity

  • Nth Queensland Adult Intercity Coordinator – Tyson Jones
  • Nth Queensland Junior Intercity Coordinator – Nth Queensland Junior Committee

Updated 12/09/2022