Membership and Registration

Tenpin Bowling Association of Queensland Inc. fully supports Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) and the need for National membership, in order to maintain, operate and grow our sport.

Your membership ensures we can continue to develop and grow the sport nationally and provide pathways for bowlers at all levels to compete and enjoy the benefits of participation.

At just under 60 cents per week, TBA membership represents one of the most cost effective sports registrations in Australia.

What You Get with League Membership

  • Your TBA Membership Card, with a lifetime membership number associated with continuous membership
  • Discounted practice-game rates for members at all TBA registered bowling centres *conditions apply
  • A bi-monthly newsletter from Tenpin Bowling Australia Ltd, distributed by email and available on the TBA website
  • Award recognition – including header badge and award bars, recognition of high performance awards such as 300 Games (free plaque once per lifetime), along with subsequent 300 Game plaques, watches and rings (all available for purchase)
  • A comprehensive accident and injury insurance scheme for all TBA members
  • Access to Accor’s “Away On Business” Plan which provides up to a 10% discount on the best unrestricted rate of the day for all TBA members
  • Europcar’s fixed discounted Car, Commercial vehicle and Truck rates with lower damage liability fees 365 days of the year for personal and business usage Australia wide

* TBA members will receive the centre League Practice Rate and therefore prices will vary. Other conditions may apply. Please contact centre for additional conditions.

What You Get with Silver Membership

Silver Membership Benefits

The Silver Membership fee offers all of the benefits of the League Membership product plus:

  • Access to State Based Training Programs across Australia (some of which will be attended by the TBA National Coach)
  • Eligibility to attend up to 4 training camps per annum with the National Coach held in conjunction with TBA nationally ranked events.

Silver Membership is a requirement for bowlers who wish to participate in the TBA national rankings program, members of their respective state based training programs, members of the national training squad and all national team representatives.

It is also a requirement for all state team representatives at TBA National Championships, with the exception of TBA National Disabilities & Restricted team representatives.

To become a TBA member, please visit Tenpin Bowling Australia

 and click ‘New Member Sign up’.

Please address Registration enquiries to the membership officer in the National Office

Phone: 07 3262 4455
Fax: 07 3262 5544

FAQ of League & Sport Bowling Membership & Registration

Q. How much does it cost to register?

The National Body has set down the following fees for 2013

  • Adult League membership Online $35 In Centre $38
  • Adult League Concession Online $30 In Centre $33
  • Silver Membership Online $75 In Centre $78
  • Junior Membership Online $20 In Centre $23
  • Junior Membership via TBAQ Card $20
  • Junior Membership via TBAQ+ Card $70 (includes 5 weeks of bowling)
  • Note: Junior membership applies until the bowler reaches the age of 18, when he/she then becomes a Youth bowler.
  • TBA Silver level membership is compulsory for:
    • All state team representatives at TBA National Championships (Please note silver member-ship is not compulsory for TBA National Disabilities & Restricted team representatives)
    • All bowlers who wish to participate in the TBA rankings program
    • All members of the respective state based training programs
    • All members of TBA’S national training squad and all national team representatives

For details of Junior Membership via TBAQ go here

Q. If applicable, where does my Local Association money go?

  • Expenses for phones, mail, stationary, computer equipment etc.
  • An additional award scheme may operate for bowler achievement.
  • There may be financial assistance to members who achieve State or National Team honours.
  • A Regional levy may be payable.
  • Local Championship prize funds.
  • Some Local bodies pay their Secretary a retainer.
  • Coaching programs

Local Association fees may vary from Centre to Centre or Region to Region, depending on the level of services offered.

Q. If I don’t register personally as a member of TBA how will this affect me?

  • Your high games and series will not be officially recognized.
  • You will not receive any official awards for achievement
  • You will not be allowed to bowl in the National Championships
  • You will not be allowed to bowl in the State Championships
  • You will not be allowed to bowl in any ranked events
  • You will not be able to enter most tournaments
  • You will not be able to represent your Region, State or Country
  • You will have no official grounds for appeal or protest under the National Rules of the Sport
  • You will not be accepted as an officially recognised coach
  • Your Local Association will not be able to support you in the event of any dispute within your League.
  • You will not be able to take action against any League member who may have misappropriated League funds.
  • You will not be able to access specialised courses.
  • You may not be coached by an accredited and qualified coach.
  • You will in many Centres pay a higher game rate for your bowling
  • You will not be insured under the National Membership Insurance Scheme
  • You will not be able to use the TBA Public Liability Insurance Policy for Fundraising

Q. What if my Centre does not register as an accredited Bowling Centre?

  • Your Bowling lanes will be not certified as meeting Australian and International standards
  • Your Centre will not be able to host any accredited Tournaments
  • Your League or Leagues will not be able to be registered
  • None of your games or achievements will be recognised by the State or National bodies
  • You will not be able to bowl in any accredited events or represent your State in any State teams.

Q. How will I know if my Centre is a registered Accredited Centre?

  • A complete and updated list of accredited Centres is available to everyone. This is published on the TBA website at this url: