Mission Statement


The Tenpin Bowling Association of Queensland are the lead State Organisation for the development of sport services and our vision is to continue to pilot new and creative projects for the advancement of our sport and to grow participation for all members of the community.

We administrate, develop, promote and grow the sport of tenpin bowling by providing a fun, safe, enjoyable environment that encourages all participants to reach their full potential no matter what their aspirations may be.

We will do this by providing strong governance and partnerships delivering an activity based healthy lifestyle in partnership with the State Government, our local Associations and Industry stakeholders.

Our success will be measured by increased participation, both in the community and in frequent bowler numbers and our relationship with stakeholders at all levels.



“To be recognised as a fun, safe, exciting sport that provides inclusion for all the family”



  • State Organisation representative of Tenpin Bowling Australia Ltd.
  • Leadership in the administration of the sport at all levels
  • Development and promotion, delivery of sport services of the sport of tenpin bowling in Queensland
  • Education and training of sport service providers, coaches, officials and volunteers
  • Increased participation in the sport at Community levels and in sport venues
  • Facilitation of State Events and Championships, representative teams for all category of bowlers