Roll ‘n Strike In-School Program

The Tenpin Bowling Roll ‘n Strike equipment and program is available to Queensland primary schools free of charge through TBAQ.  Students absolutely love using the kits, and the Roll ‘n Strike program provides the perfect opportunity to teach skills that the kids want to learn! This program has been developed to teach children the sport of Tenpin Bowling whilst ensuring they have fun while learning at the same time. The lessons are designed so that children are on task at all times, and everyone has a role to play!

From a teacher’s point of view more than 20 lesson plans have already been created and helpful videos to assist with understanding the program and what you can achieve. All lessons with ACARA syllabus outcome links included. Tenpin Bowling is a great alternative to other sports and can be played in any weather as a sun safe fun program. Tenpin can be a nice alternative with the hot summer months quickly approaching or a great activity to use when the storms suddenly hit!

The associated Roll N Strike equipment is completely FREE to schools, what the school will receive is:

  • 5 x Carpet Lanes
  • 5 x Sets of Plastic Pins
  • 5 x Multi-grip Rubber Balls
  • Teachers manual & Lesson Plans
  • Access to videos demonstrating Roll ‘n Strike further
Roll 'n Strike Kits Roll 'n Strike Kit Demonstration

Why not book an extension of the Roll ‘n Strike program and visit the bowling centre in the final week of the program? This visit can be funded through Sporting Schools grants, Sporting Schools also covers the cost of transportation including buses! It is a great way to expose your students to the sport of Tenpin Bowling and put into practice what they have learned during the in-school program, further reinforced by a qualified coach at the local bowling centre. For more information on how to arrange a Sporting Schools program please contact Kane Dean-Eddy on 07 38765400 or via email

A confirmation email will be sent to you once the booking has been confirmed. If there is an issue or clash with your booking, then TBAQ will be in contact to find a solution. If you are having issues with the form, then please email and we will be able to assist you. If you would like to discuss a different date than those available, please let us know and we will endeavor to assist you!

The TBAQ App is available for teachers. Download at both the Apple App Store and the Android Google Play Store. Teachers will be able to use the app to watch videos and access the manual. Download our manual from the website.

We welcome any feedback you have. Please direct these to us through our contact form or to one of the emails listed on the contact page.

*TBAQ asks that schools do not book Roll N Strike Kits sponsored from centres that are more than one hour away from their location. An alternative is that kits may be booked directly from the TBAQ office. If shipping is required, this is at the expense of the school. – Remember Tenpin resources are also available through Sporting Schools funding please contact us to assist you with these forms.


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An In-service is a 40 min - 1 hour session with TBAQ staff, where teachers learn basic Tenpin Bowling skills as well as games and activites to incorporate in the Roll 'n Strike Program.
A teacher In-service is a one on one session that shows basic Tenpin Bowing skills and games / activities that can be used with the equipment.
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