Inter-School Challenge

Join us in our Digital Interschool Challenge Competition! All school ages and all abilities are invited!

Students will now be able to participate in 2 separate championships, ‘Summer’ (Term 1 and 2) and ‘Winter’ (Term 3 and 4). The cost for entering each competition is $30 or purchase entry fees for both seasons at $50. Competitors will then be able to access a reduced game rate of $10 at participating centres and during set times*.


There are prizes up for grabs that will be announced at the end of each of the Summer and Winter competitions. The prizes are below:

  • $100 Prezzee Gift Card – Random Draw Prize for entering the competition.

Please see all rules and Guidelines for the competition here: ISC 2024 Rules and Guidelines

Students will be able to bowl as many games as they like within the dates of their chosen time period (summer/winter) and must submit a minimum of 5 games to be eligible. Only social or practice games can be submitted as part of the participants 5 games, league and/or competition games will not be accepted. Please see below for details of submission once confirmed as an entrant of the 2024 ISC.

Submission of Scores

Every game that you bowl as part of the ISC 2024, must be recorded with TBAQ. You can do this in a couple of different ways, please see below the 2 different methods to submit scores.

  1. On the TBAQ App once you have signed up/logged in click on the “Score” option, select the “+” icon at the bottom right of the screen and submit your score. To submit your score properly you will need to enter your score, indicate that you are bowling in the Interschool Challenge and then attach proof with a photo of the score sheet.
  2. If you cannot access the TBAQ App, you can email your score along with proof (photo or print out) to with the subject line ‘ISC 2024 Score – FIRST NAME LAST NAME’.

The top 5 scores from each participant will be taken into account and recorded.

Only Scratch scores will be recorded, any handicapped scores submitted will be reverted back to its scratch score.

TBAQ have released the “TBAQ App” which is now available on the IOS Apple Store and the Google Play Store, download now and register as a student to start recording your scores.


Leaderboards will be posted on our social media platforms and on our website. Leaderboards will be updated every Friday. Please keep in mind that although you may be on the leaderboard you must bowl at least 5 games to be eligible to win the overall event in your respective division. For links to our social media platforms please see here:



Game Rate: *Game rate may vary depending on centre*

Leaderboard: *Leaderboards to be updated once competition commences*

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