Sporting Schools

Sporting Schools is an $100 million Australian Sports Commission initiative which aims to bring together schools and sports to help get children active in their local communities.  Sporting Schools is open to all Australian primary schools and with quality programs developed by over 32 National Sporting Organisations, it offers a fun and supportive environment for children and coaches.

Applying for Sporting Schools funding is an easy 4 step process:

Step 1Register your school
Step 2Choose your sport (Tenpin Bowling!)
Step 3Apply for funding
Step 4: Request and book a program that suits: Contact Kane Dean-Eddy: or Emily Rennes:

There are several factors to consider when organising your schools Sporting Schools program including:

Dates and Times
Portable Lanes (cost and availability)
Coach Availability
Number of Students
Number of Sessions/Duration of program
Length of Sessions
Cost of games in centre

If you require any assistance with applying for funding, or wish to discuss setting up a Tenpin Bowling program for your school, contact Kane Dean-Eddy: or 07 3876 5400.

Please keep in mind that if traveling to a Bowling Centre is not a viable option for your school, in most circumstances TBAQ can supply Roll ‘n Strike portable lanes using Sporting Schools funding. This is a popular option for schools as equipment remains property of the school once the program concludes allowing schools to offer Tenpin Bowling as an option to their students all year round.