Sport Education

Tenpin Bowling EquipmentIf you want to take your bowling to the next level, then TBAQ has a number of options that will help get you achieve your goals.

If you’re looking for our premier clinic to take your bowling to the next level then you should sign up to attend our State Based Training Squad.

If you are looking to improve your bowling by getting some expert coaching and advice by attending a clinic, camp or other technique enhancement program then check out our bowler programs.

If you’re interested in becoming a coach or official yourself then we also frequently run coach and official accreditation courses that give you a real in-depth education on the sport of tenpin Bowling. Many people who do the course find that what they learn in the course benefits their own bowling just as much as it does those they coach!

If you are looking for some reliable information about how to improve your bowling yourself then check out our hints and tips page. This page is loaded with sound advice that will put you on the right track.