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2024 Education and Training Calendar

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Coach Athlete Education Pathway Calendar.

There are a number of Education and Training courses available for those that would like to become Tenpin Bowling Coaches and Officials. You can find out where and when the next course is being run by visiting the interactive TBAQ event calendar and search for events using the Coach & Athlete Education category. If you would like to gain an accreditation and can’t find a course near you, please let your centre manager or a Level 2 or USBC Silver coach in your centre (if you have one) know, and they will contact the State Coaching Director directly to try and arrange one for you.

There were recently some significant changes to the way Coaching Accreditation’s are delivered and accredited in Australia.  Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) has partnered with the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) to deliver several new internationally recognised accreditation levels that are periodically updated to reflect the latest knowledge and best practice in coaching.

Coaching Courses

USBC Level 1 – Online

This is an online course designed to teach the basics of the sport, and it provides a basic overview of tenpin bowling, its rules and regulations and bowling terminology. It includes a number of topics including skills, teaching methods, how to make your sessions safe and fun as well as many other topics. This program is great for all new coaches and is ideal for bowling centre staff, school teachers, disability carers or anyone looking to teach the fundamentals of the sport to new or inexperienced bowlers. The accreditation does not require attendance at a practical session as all of the information and assessment is available online via the USBC training portal.  You can read more about the USBC Level 1 on the TBA website by clicking here.

USBC Bronze Accreditation – 2 day face-to-face

The Bronze program is an intermediate coaching program designed for those who regularly coach bowlers ranging in ability from beginners to intermediate level. The Bronze program is for those who want to teach people the fundamentals of the sport and advance their bowling ability on a more ongoing basis. Topics range from philosophies of coaching and physical conditioning, to lane conditions, ball motion, using video and many others. The course is delivered in a two-day face to face format, and there are a number of items which must be completed prior to attending the practical course. These items include:

  • Candidates must become a TBA member (click here)
  • Completion of the USBC Level 1 course (available online – click here)
  • Community Coaching General Principles course (available FREE at
  • Play by the Rules – Child Protection & Harassment & Discrimination modules (available FREE at
  • Working with Children & Young People Check (Blue card – forms available here
  • Completed TBA New Coach Registration form and payment (available here on the TBA website)

You can read more about the USBC Bronze course accreditation on the TBA website by clicking here.  Upcoming courses in Queensland can be found by visiting the TBAQ Event Calendar and searching the Athlete and Coach Education category.

USBC Silver Accreditation – 3 day face-to-face

A USBC Silver Accreditation is usually held by experienced coaches and those that have or wish to coach representative teams. While not always the case, coaches who wish to coach advanced representative teams are often required to hold a USBC Silver coaching accreditation as a prerequisite (formerly it was a Level 2 accreditation). Needless to say many advanced topics are covered in this accreditation including how to build a bowling ball arsenal and match them to the lanes, mental game concepts, designing training programs, physical conditioning and many others.

To be able to attain a USBC Silver accreditation, applicants are required to have completed all of the requirements of the USBC Level 1 and USBC Bronze accreditations, attend a USBC Silver practical course and will need to complete their Intermediate Coaching General Principles as well as a first aid certificate before they can be accredited. Due to the relatively small number of participants, a USBC Silver coaching course is typically held only once a year.

You can read more about the USBC Silver accreditation on the TBA website by clicking here.  Upcoming courses in Queensland can be found by visiting the TBAQ Event Calendar and searching the Athlete and Coach Education category.

Officials Courses

Team Manager’s Accreditation

The TBA Team Manager’s Accreditation is ideal for those that want to manage a representative team and contains comprehensive manuals that provide invaluable information to help with this role. This course no longer requires participants to attend a face-to-face session, and you can now complete the requirements in your own time from the comfort of your own home. You can learn more about how to attain a TBA Team Manager’s Accreditation by visiting the Team Manager’s Course page.

Lane Measuring Course

TBAQ can help arrange the TBA Lane Measuring Course for those who may be interested. Please contact the State Coaching Director directly if you wish to complete this course. Contact details are available on the contact page.  The course requires that participants attend a practical day to learn the skills.


Other Courses

  • TBAQ Coaches Proficiency – Skills and Performance Certificates available through workshop
  • TBAQ Train the Trainer (Mentor Coach training systems) including National Training Industry Cert 4 accreditation assessing and reviewing.
  • TBAQ Mentor Coach week-end (update of National and State initiatives)
  • TBAQ School Bridging programs – In Centre
  • Coach and Carer guides for bowlers with a Disabilities