Team Manager’s Course

It has never been easier to gain a Tenpin Bowling Team Manager Accreditation!

The TBA Team Manager’s Accreditation is now a self-paced course that you can complete in your own time when it suits you. You no longer need to attend a practical session or a face-to-face presentation to gain your accreditation.

The process is as follows:

  1. Register and pay your course fee ($30) to TBA by completing a registration form (available on the TBA site) and sending it to
  2. TBA will send you a link where you can download all of the required material electronically
  3. You complete the online courses (ASC Introductory Level Officiating, Pure Performance, Play By The Rules, Apply First Aid)
  4. You complete all of the TBA team manager modules and open book exams
  5. Return evidence of completion (certificates and exams) to TBA by mail or email
  6. TBA will process your paperwork and contact you if required
  7. TBA sends you your accreditation

We recommend that if you are becoming a team manager that it may be a good idea to apply for a volunteer blue card (working with Children) at the same time as it can take several weeks for this to be processed. If you are working with Children as a volunteer you will need to have received this card before you perform your duties.

That is all that is involved, so what are you waiting for? The sooner you register and complete the required documentation the sooner you will be an accredited team manager!

Click here to read more and get a registration form on the TBA website.