Pan Pacific Master Games

The very first PanPac Masters Games event worldwide was the 1985 World Masters Games in Canada, which attracted 8,305 competitors from 61 countries.

With the rise in popularity of Masters sport, national events began to surface in Australia and New Zealand. The first Australian Masters Games was held in Tasmania in 1987 and New Zealand Masters Games in Wanganui in 1989. Brisbane hosted the 1994 World Masters Games which attracted 24,000 competitors from 71 countries.

Following the success of the Worlds in Brisbane, the inaugural Queensland Masters Games were held in 1995 in Townsville, before moving to the Gold Coast the following year. These Games evolved into the Asia Pacific Masters Games and then Pan Pacific Masters Games from 2002, with increased interest from Asia, Japan, America, Oceania and New Zealand.

Tenpin bowling is just one of 43 individual and team sports available every two years on the Gold Coast.

In 2022, the games will be held at Go Bowling Ashmore.

No qualifying standards or times are required to enter the Pan Pacific Masters Games. The only criterion is that participants are breathing and meet the minimum age requirement for their respective sport, which for Tenpin is 35 years of age.

Participants compete in their age group ensuring that the sport is played fairly, competitively and in tremendous spirit.

The slogan of the Pan Pacific Masters Games is ‘Play it, Live it, Love it!’ which encapsulates its competitive, participatory and social environment.

Pan Pacific Masters Games Registration 2022

The 2022 Pan Pacific Masters Games is a major event managed and presented by Queensland Events Gold Coast – a wholly owned subsidiary of Queensland Events.  You can view more information about the Pan Pacific Masters Games by clicking this link, or go directly to the Tenpin Bowling page by clicking here.

The tenpin bowling competition is run by Tenpin Bowling Association of Qld Inc. (TBAQ) development staff with help from volunteers.